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Are you interested in assisting the FCC?

February 24, 2009

Are you interested in making a Personal Commitment to the Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County’s mission of assisting victims of family violence?  Here are some ways that you can:

  • Request to serve as a working partner around an FCC fund raising event
  • Organize an agency approved fund raising event of your own or as part of an organization to which you are a member whose proceeds would financially benefit the Family Crisis Center

Contact Cary McCartin for more information.


FCC Thanks Patapsco Bank

February 19, 2009

The following is an article from the Dundalk Eagle:

Family Crisis Center benefits from Patapsco Bank holiday drive

The Dundalk-based Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County recently announced the results of a holiday donation drive sponsored by Patapsco Bank.

In a press release, the center, which provides shelter and counseling services to victims of family violence, thanked the Dundalk-based bank and donors who participated in the drive.

Donated items included a new high-definition television set and a video game system for the center, MP3 players, toys and clothing.

Shelter director Becky Foster said in the release that such donations “touch the lives of our families in ways that cannot always be explained.  They feel cared for enough to begin to talk about the parts of their lives that are not easy to talk about.”

For assistance or information about the Family Crisis Center and its programs, call 410-285-HELP.

Domestic Violence Services Census Results In

February 19, 2009

In September of 2008, the Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County was one of the 23 domestic violence organizations in Maryland to participate in the 2008 National Census of Domestic Violence Services conducted by the National Network Against Domestic Violence. The census measured victims served in one 24-hour period across the nation, breaking the results up by state. Here is a link to the results for Maryland, which had 1,233 victims served in one day. Here is a link to the results nationally, which had 60,799 victims served on that same one day period.

Lethality Assessments to be conducted in all Baltimore County Precincts

February 9, 2009

In November 2007 the Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County (FCC), in conjunction with the Baltimore County Police Department – Precinct 12/Merritt Point and the Baltimore County Department of Social Services, Family Violence Unit (DSS/FVU), began a pilot project to conduct First Responder Lethality Assessment interviews with all domestic violence calls received in Precinct 12 at the urging of the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence (MNADV). The goal was to begin to intensively intervene and provide immediate service to those domestic violence victims that scored as residing in High Lethality relationships (as determined by a police officer questionnaire derived by the MNADV from an instrument developed by Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell of the Johns Hopkins University).  The pilot project was conducted to encourage and eventually institute this Lethality Assessment process throughout Baltimore County to reach the most isolated and vulnerable domestic violence victims.

The Family Crisis Center has played a major role in this Lethality Assessment Pilot Program:

  • FCC Victim Advocates provided Lethality Assessments and follow up visits with a Domestic Violence Police Officer.
  • FCC Safe Shelter provided one designated Shelter apartment for Lethality Assessment domestic violence victims.  Additional FCC services provided to lethality assessment victims included victim support group, family psychotherapy, resource and referral.

Of the 404 Lethality Assessments conducted ( November 2007-October 2008 ) eighty four (84) domestic violence victims have connected with the Family Crisis Center for ongoing services: 21%

As of February 9, 2009 the Baltimore County Police Department has announced that the Lethality Assessment Project will be provided countywide. The Family Crisis Center will assume responsibility for three precincts (Precincts 9, 11, 12) which comprise 45% of the reported domestic violence calls to the Baltimore County Police Department. This responsibility will entail:

  • Immediate response by phone contact with officers conducting lethality assessments to make connections with and guide victims to safety and service.
  • Lethality assessment follow up home visits with the domestic violence officers, connecting domestic violence victims to safe services, such as emergency shelter and legal representation through the Family Crisis Center or other agencies.

The Family Crisis Center will be seeking additional funding to properly conduct its portion of the countywide Lethality Assessment Project. It will be seeking salaries for an additional Victim Advocate to provide home visits and advocate services, a Coordinator of First Responder telephone assistants, and an additional lawyer to represent high lethality domestic violence victims.

Guitar Hero Competition to benefit FCC

February 3, 2009

EGA will be sponsoring a Guitar Hero 3 Competition which will benefit the Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County.  The competition, which is on March 28th, will be held at the Guardian Hose Company Activities Building in Thurmont, MD.  The winner will receive $1,000 cash.  To register or get more information, visit

Children Shelter Drawings

February 3, 2009

Watch The Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County video compilation of some of the drawings that the child residents have drawn in their time at the shelter.

Resident Describes Shelter Experience

February 3, 2009

A past resident of the Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County’s safe shelter has written a letter, describing her experience at the shelter.

To Family Crisis Center,

I’m first very grateful for being here.  I had no idea what to expect.  I thought it would be like a dorm for woman and children.  It was wonderful surprise to be able to be in your own space with your children.  It was a great feeling to have a sense of security, peace and quiet, and no confusion.  There is the opportunity to gather your thoughts, build yourself up to move onto a better life.  I’m taking this situation as a positive – an eye opener.  Even though no one wants to be in this situation, since I am in it, I have to make the best of it to get what I can from it.  I also did not expect to get the donations that were given: the food, clothing, furnished apartment, the case managers and their help.  I am very very grateful.  Thank you so very much.  There are a lot of lives that this program has saved and will continue to save.

– Mother