Resident Thank You’s

Dear Donor,

I am very grateful for all the help that you provide to the Family Crisis Center.  The center has provided temporary shelter for me and my family.  I don’t know where we would be had it not been for the shelter.  Since I have been here, I have gained some access to some resources that I did not know about.  I am also getting help to deal with some issues that I had mentally.  Being in an abusive relationship has really done a number on me.  It is really hard to deal with being homeless, trying to find a house for me and my family, and dealing with all the abuse we endured.  Being home makes it a little easier because you have someone to talk to.  Sometimes I feel like things won’t get better, but then I think that we took the first step to getting better by leaving.  I hope that once I leave here I would never need the help of the Family Crisis Center or any shelter again. I hope to someday be in a position where I can help woman and children who need help.  I would like to be able to be the person receiving the thank you letter instead of writing it.  Again, thank you for all of your help.  God bless you.


[Name omitted]

– Mother


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